Climate engineering

Andrew Yang's White House bid has been marked by provocative ideas. His climate proposal could be his most jarring.
Kim Stanley Robinson argues that blanket opposition to intervening in the climate is wrongheaded.
The most efficient method of quickly reducing the global population, and solving the global warming problem, is by nuclear war.
Last week I met a young man who is about to major in environmental engineering. When he found out I blog about climate change, his first question was, "Is it already over?" Clearly he intended to be provocative.
If we don't want to screw up our climate, it is time to put the fruitless debates on climate-engineering techniques to rest, and focus on the only real solution, which is a tremendous challenge requiring all our intellectual resources: The mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.
If solar radiation management could be implemented (which is a big question, since it has never been done and the equipment to implement either cloud brightening or creation of stratospheric clouds does not exist), it would have benefits. But I have identified at least 26 possible risks.