climate march

Trump and his pro-coal obsession look like Don Quixote charging at the windmills.
Protestors could be heard around downtown Washington well into the evening.
Donald Trump may not think climate change should be a priority, but these Americans do.
The future of clean green jobs is no longer with the federal government.
Between vowing to dismantle the EPA and undoing regulations to revive the coal industry, President Trump has made his position on environmental protection glaringly clear. As a result, he's ignited environmentalists everywhere to resist his administration's efforts to disregard the threat of climate change.
Demonstrators plan marches across the U.S. to protest Trump’s climate policies.
Climate deniers everywhere are ensuring that communities across the globe continue to be displaced.
When teachers take action in support of our kids, they model the kind of real-world education our children deserve.
Climate justice is, for people of faith, a profoundly spiritual, ethical, and moral issue.
I happily join the 840,000 of my Catholic sisters and brothers in exhorting the COP21 negotiators to develop the international frameworks needed for a climate of justice.
Forest Trends then leveraged its lessons from the Surui Forest Carbon Project to help the Brazilian state of Acre establish
Some may argue that change is easier to effect on a smaller scale. But cities don't have the luxury of looking the other
More Militancy? Money Out of Politics? So what is to be done? Others, including people whom I know and respect deeply, like
We could hear the Jews blowing their Shofars and the Pagans banging their drums and we all cheered and chanted, calling all of Earth's people to Wake Up!
Who, among those with an inkling of the climate disaster already upon millions of beings on the planet, could not be heartened by the numbers, commitment, creativity, energy, joy, and diversity involved in Sunday's protests? The movement showed itself to be... a movement.
Head in the sand doesn't solve the climate change issue. It's time to face it with all that it takes.
I got to see firsthand how passionate and how badly people want to make this world a better and safer place for all of us. I also got to see a new community of citizens of a future eco-friendly world come together to make their voice heard.