climate week

Imagine going to an Italian restaurant and not seeing pasta on the menu. Or going to a parent-teacher conference to learn that math and science aren't part of your child's curriculum. Or signing up for a healthcare plan and discovering that none of your prescriptions are covered.
It is because of this proven track record of success that cities had a critical role to play at the COP21 climate negotiations
We know the capital exists for low-carbon infrastructure; we just need to unlock it.
Mayor Bill de Blasio is urging the city's pension funds to join the cause.
We also look to see which of the "big four" commodities are getting greener, and which aren't. Then we assess the correlation between sustainability and other practices, such as support for human rights, peatland protection, and transparency in supply chains.
The sign that we tip into a future where, working together, we limit climate disruption to levels we can cope with will be commitments by the countries of the world to hold global warming to 2 degrees.
The automaker has made it that much harder for any company to convince people that it supports sustainability.
I don't know much about science. What I know is that our shores are being eaten away. And nothing can stop the erosion. We are climate refugees. And we are fighting for our lives.
Above all, it is clarity, not complexity, that companies need -- which is why in addition to putting a price on carbon, BT supports a carbon labelling scheme for electricity, as one solution that would reward businesses for using low carbon and renewable energy.
The 5th annual Climate Week is under way, bringing together world leaders, innovators and activists ready to tackle the growing
This development show that we, instead of relying on old power elite to suddenly change track, should put our faith and support in the hands of the new leaders - the new agents of change.
This was the message projected by some of the world's most influential leaders -- including Britain's former Prime Minister
The UN climate summit provided some boosts to the international negotiations as we lead into the final stretch before Copenhagen.
The 'Week' officially starts on Monday, but events start in earnest tomorrow. There's a full event listing on the Climate