Climber Rick Weber has built a replica wall for a competition in Kentucky this month.
A raccoon climbed to the top of a skyscraper in Minnesota and became an internet sensation overnight.
Whether we are humbled by a bug or by a mountain, these travel lessons apply equally to all of life's challenges.
Huge money, huge audiences, huge stakes. Climbing -- originally a domain of the white, upper class and heterosexual men -- is an increasingly egalitarian community, but outside pressures are likely to obliterate the push.
You recently were preparing for a big climb in Patagonia but didn't make it down to South America. What happened? What are
The International Olympics Committee is looking to modernize the 2020 Games.
Is it really that life-changing (should you survive) to stand on top of the Earth's highest point? Is it worth the risk? Perhaps, but I still don't think I'll ever understand the compulsion.
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Mission Memorial Day is a commitment, a commitment that myself and three other combat vets made to ensure that our friends we lost overseas, and so many other young Americans would be remembered.