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A lack of diversity in medical studies is hurting science and patients.
It's a fascinating project that follows a fascinating trend towards giving medical professionals easier, more realistic environments
The recent announcement by Eli Lilly that a new drug intended to slow memory loss in people with Alzheimer's had failed a
It's not for lack of effort: hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent and millions more are being spent on metastatic
What would it look like if researchers, clinicians, and diagnostic and drug developers created an unprecedented model of collaboration and data sharing to solve one of the country's biggest challenges: cancer?
Dr. Pierre Tariot is the co-principal investigator for the Generation Study. He is the director of the Banner Alzheimer's
Once reliant solely on buses and subway systems, our nation’s seniors may soon have new choices on how to navigate their
People with AD and their caregivers are already spending fortunes on FDA-approved medications that are ineffective. People with AD and their caregivers do not need any new false bottles of hope.
More than 44 million people across the globe have Alzheimer's disease. And that number is expected to multiply by three or more over the next several decades. Yet, despite billions of dollars of investments into research and advocacy for effective treatment and a cure, neither exists.
For years, clinical research has been unequal. There's been a lack of diversity in clinical trial participants for both the customer and provider side of medical science.
African-Americans are disproportionately affected by sickle cell, but not enough are signing up for clinical trials to help.
Clinical trials have taken me to regions I'd never even dreamed of. They got me in contact with Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland
Dupuytren's is frequently found in patients with diabetes. One European study determined it was present in 14% of patients
Because our bodies all react differently do drugs, it can be dangerous to prescribe them to groups of people that do not
Medical advances are coming more rapidly and are more widely covered by news agencies. Make sure you are engaged, and make sure you have a physician who is up to date in knowing about all the new progress. Your life could depend on it!