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And Luis Bracamontes was released after a drug charge by former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a Trump supporter.
A historic moment happened during the GOP Debate yesterday when Donald Trump mentioned his penis size during what is supposed
The reality is that King himself supported democratic socialism -- and that civil rights activists and socialists have walked arm-in-arm for more than a century. The same news outlets that omit such facts keep telling us that the mass of African-American voters in South Carolina and elsewhere are diehard devotees of Hillary (and Bill) Clinton.
Expanding government benefits of health and education is one thing. But we need to develop ideas that illustrate government "by" the people, not only "for" the people. How can we recover the idea that everyday citizens are supposed to be in charge, producers not only consumers, and government can be an empowering partner?
Whether there was acquiescence or complicity before or after the fact of the fall of Srebrenica, Washington pivoted its policy toward satisfying Milosevic's territorial demands. The mythology of peace in BiH continues to be dominated by tales of age-old hatreds as well as ethnic chauvinist politics.
"That was very hard for the president. It fell to the president's son, George W., to help make that decision, help move that
Former President Bill Clinton's press secretary isn't bullish on the prospects of a second Clinton administration.
Mike McCurry, who served as Clinton's press secretary from 1994 to 1998, told Real Clear Politics that he may be the "last
"Ukraine? What about Benghazi?"
Stephanie Kelton joins Zach Carter and Jason Linkins to discuss documents uncovered from the Clinton administration.