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There was a universe of voters on the fence. What the campaign did to reach them has splintered its ranks.
In the final stretch before the Nov. 8 election, Clinton was slated to attend a rally in North Carolina and speak at a dinner in Washington.
Trump's campaign is now going to fully commit to "letting Trump be Trump." Because, obviously, the problem all along has been that Trump wasn't being Trump enough. Obviously.
“I think it unwound a lot of the work we’ve done to tie our campaigns"
While I realize that Donald Trump did not necessarily have a wide choice of high-level politicians willing to become his running mate and therefore Mike Pence may have been the least bad of all available options, his selection still strikes me as a bad move.
At its Orlando, Florida meeting two days ago, the DNC platform committee voted down a proposed amendment to include single-payer health care in the Party Platform by a vote of 92 to 62, even though public support for single-payer includes 81 percent of Democrats and 58 percent of U.S. residents.
A 50-state strategy has been tried before. Her staff think they can do it right this time.
A meeting with Clinton is coming this week.
"The point is transparency," Sanders' aide Larry Cohen said on CNN.
At the outset of the general election, Hillary Clinton’s campaign looks like a well-oiled juggernaut next to Donald Trump’s