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She later quipped about the exhibit featuring all 60,000 pages of her infamous emails on Twitter: "Found my emails at the Venice Biennale. Someone alert the House GOP."
The former FBI director used a personal email account to conduct official business, according to the Department of Justice’s inspector general.
Andrew McCabe had faced criticism because his wife received campaign donations from a political action committee affiliated with a Clinton ally.
Former FBI Director James Comey said he went public about Hillary Clinton's emails after news of Bill Clinton's meeting with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
After sharing nearly a dozen notebooks filled with highly classified information with his lover/biographer, then deliberately
In a letter identified as fake, Senator Tom Carper, a Democrat, is quoted as writing to Clinton, “We will not let you lose this election.”
Comey’s bombshell just days before the election raised questions about his motives and drew criticism from some over his timing.