Clinton Health Access Initiative

The Clinton Foundation will spin off its flagship health project into a “completely independent” charity if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in November.
The charities have come under renewed scrutiny this year with Hillary Clinton's decision to seek the Democratic Party's nomination for the presidency.
Except perhaps on Halloween, most of us don't like to see faces hidden by hoods, which suggest mystery and sometimes menace. So you may well imagine that even a patient suffering from Ebola might feel alienated by the sight of a health care worker totally enveloped in a protective suit--no matter how much help that worker might have to offer.
"I feel lucky to be able to work in a field with people who believe that we can solve problems and that the world can be better, even on a small scale helping one other person. It is electric and re-energizes me every day to want to do more too."
The solution to protecting health care workers, a critical component to containing the spread of the Ebola virus, seems simple enough. Get medical staff the gloves, masks, and other protective supplies they need to safely care for patients.
What will happen when they come together with more than 30 other speakers and 300 participants for two days of disrupting, networking and doing?
Clinton would eventually atone as a philanthropist. At Mandela's recommendation, Clinton started a major international AIDS
In the United States and Europe, people living with AIDS received treatment to keep them alive, but there was a widely held view that treatment was too expensive and too difficult to be provided successfully in the developing world.
“It’s one of the simplest things we can do to save lives,” President Clinton said in a recent press release. Procter and
Plenty of people talk about wanting to transition into a career that packs more social impact. But, how, exactly do you go about making such a switch?