Clinton Portis

It's a tragedy that many of the players who built the NFL are currently struggling not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and financially because they aren't properly being taken care of after their playing days are over.
But he'll also be taking fewer carries away from Johnson in his sophomore season. That was likely one long kickoff return
@SeanWSpoon56 The best thing about playing Thursday night was that Le'Ron McClain's salivary glands had a short week to prepare
Brett Favre is an offensive player in more ways than one. Mark Colombo needs to figure out a way to celebrate touchdowns
Steven Jackson I like it at my accupuncturist's office. Tom Cable I like it on the floor. Calvin Johnson I like it in the
But for the worst offender, look no further than FOX contributor Liz Trotta, who dishes out her classic "frumpy, self-hating
dmcfadden20 So happy to see @michaelbush29 that I gave his left hand a big squeeze! Hasselbeck Trying to decide whether to
More athletes and celebrities are beginning to weigh in on the fallout from Tiger Woods' sex scandal, offering advice or