Tick. Tick. Tick. The trends are frightening. 19,949 cases and 170 deaths occurred countrywide in July 2015, as opposed to
The very rich have increasingly sequestered themselves from the poor and the middle class through, among other things, jet
If Bernie Sanders thinks that a "progressive" VP pick will make Hillary Clinton "more attractive" to independents and other level-headed Americans, the vast majority of whom despise her, he's out to brunch. And so is his so-called "political revolution".
She's hitting him on his past remarks about the housing market crash.
Aside from what these two unfortunate families have done to America and the rest of the world over the last 40-odd years, the fact that two families could so totally dominate the American political system for so long does not exactly instill confidence in the "representative" nature of our so-called democracy.
"It's swallowing my pride and being comfortable with pumping in airport bathrooms."
Forty-six million children have better educational opportunities, more than 110 million women and children have better access to health care, and clean drinking water is more available to over 27 million people.
An incredibly rare look at the quiet first lady of Arkansas who 35 years later is running for president.
Though Mika Brzezinski implored her co-host to see that McIntosh had been joking with her "server" remark and proceed with
Today, CGI released the results of an analysis by Palantir Technologies, a big data outfit and U.S. government defense contractor
Frank Underwood is ruthless, especially when it comes to birthday presents. In this "House of Cards" parody, made in honor
LifeNews didn't seem to understand Thursday how a woman who supports a person's decision to not have children could be excited
The Hillary Clinton bandwagon is running at full steam. With all the usual cautions about three years being a very long time in politics, there are other reasons to question this inevitability -- or, more to the point, the advisability -- of electing Hillary Clinton as president.
All three Clintons are in Chicago for the Clinton Global Initiative conference this weekend. "Chelsea's still too young," Clinton
What the Times itself neglected to mention in its otherwise thorough Lewis obituary was the pivotal role Lewis played during the 1990s when he stood up to his own newspaper, as well as to an army of Republican partisans waging war against President Bill Clinton.