The controversial organization must strike while the superstar is still hot.
The 7-foot Jordan's elite athleticism is made more impressive by his nimble footwork on the defensive end. The league's fourth
We now have somewhat of an idea of what it's like to break up with Mark Cuban, and it's scary.
What does this all mean? Maybe it's twofold: players feel like they don't need the lure of a major city to build their own
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Superstars are made in the playoffs, at least according to Paul Pierce. In a recent USA Today article, the Washington Wizards
While the Los Angeles Clippers have closed the gap on the fifth playoff spot after the Dallas Mavericks' loss Wednesday night, the Kings are still trying to figure out how to win under new head coach George Karl.
The Los Angeles Clippers are turning the page to a new era that no longer includes Donald Sterling. Clippers fans have a
"I don't see how the owners can say they're losing money now," Kevin Durrant, the league's MVP, told reporters. The former
You are not the No. 1 Los Angeles Clippers fan. Shelly Sterling holds that title, officially. That was just one of the perks
The NBA announced on Tuesday that the sale of the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has closed. Ballmer bid $2 billion
Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Sterling got caught and that the NBA is taking serious action, but good gravy -- this is what
Sterling, and wife Shelly, made out far better than any bandit could hope to in their wildest dreams with the announced sale of the team. Worse, the sale price sent the horrid message that bigotry can have its own rewards.