closed adoption

We need to acknowledge that a grief-free experience is not likely for anyone involved. We need to teach people not to be afraid of grief, and that when dealt with intentionally, grief need not own us.
Why deny adoptees their personal records and original birth certificates if it's against what most adoptees and their biological parents want? It makes no sense.
My three girls take turns being the squeaky wheel, and my focus on each girl waxes and wanes. What never wavers is my love. Whether flesh of my flesh or soul of my soul, I love each daughter as a whole.
In the moments of their adoption -- like the moment of Jenna's baby's conception -- a split was created in our children between their biology and their biography. Being open about our children's origins is an effective way to heal this split and help them integrate their identities.
After six years of being in contact with my birth family, I can safely say that opening that can of worms has turned out
Just this summer at her cousin’s 13th birthday, Saskia commandeered "the birthday girl’s" attentions for part of the afternoon
Portrait of an Adoption is hosted by Carrie Goldman, author of Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher, and Kid Needs to Know
In September of 1997, Catholic Charities finally started a support group (I had only been asking for the past four years
Also joining the discussion were Carrie Goldman, author of the blog "Portrait of an Adoption", Adam Pertman, the Executive
Andrew Cadieux chats with Abby about how he discovered he was adopted - through Facebook.