closet organization

From jewelry drawers to sweater stackers, here are space- (and sanity-) saving products your closet will thank you for.
Properly put away your spring and summer wear with these tips from professional organizers.
Always think in terms of shades and keep shades together. Start with darker variations of colors in the back of your closet
The proliferation of life organizing 'hacks' has become downright manic. This is no more true than for the square-foot-starved
One of the drawbacks to apartment living is those sometimes small -- and in some cases, nonexistent -- closets.
4. Add pull-out racks. Keep pants and skirts wrinkle-free and easy to access with pull-out racks, which also take up less
4. Think about timing You might think that you should do an edit of your spring and summer clothes at the end of winter, before
Stack your bras. Bras are the fitted sheets of lingerie--there's no easy way to fold them. So don't. The best way to avoid
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