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If more Americans were aware of the tragic tale of Shaker Aamer's treatment, it would be safe to assume his instant release would have come to the backdrop of throngs of cheering well-wishers.
Dempsey's comments on the path to closing the prison were complemented Sunday by those made by Cliff Sloan, the State Department's
When we went to Cuba in 2005, I was not a mother, I was not nursing and I had never been covered in baby snot or toddler vomit. It doesn't seem like so long ago and I am not a different person, but it is hard to be here when my friends and part of my heart are in D.C., working so hard for justice, accountability and all that I hold so dear.
A 2008 detainee assessment, made available by WikiLeaks, indicates that Al Rahabi had sometimes tossed "cocktails" of bodily
The U.S. general who opened the Guantanamo detention camp said Thursday it was a mistake and should be shut down because "it validates every negative perception of the United States."
Lehnert, now retired from the military and living in Michigan, was the first commander of the task force that opened the
“The proposed defense bill is the first step toward untangling the knot that is Guantanamo,” Dixon Osburn of Human Rights
Chambliss was specifically critical of Obama's support for closing the prison at Guantanamo, describing the plan as "a bad
Here in the 21st century, we need to relearn those lessons and focus on training our children to be instruments of peace, not oppression.
Fixing Guantanamo -- which is what Obama clearly wants --- will require him to take risky unilateral action and dedicate a great deal of political capital.
According to Reuters, only nine of the 166 remaining Guantanamo detainees have been tried or charged with a crime. Eighty
Jon Stewart began Wednesday's "Daily Show" with a check in on Guantanamo, which Obama promised to shut down by 2010. In his
By Susan Cornwell and Jane Sutton Some would be more easily achieved than others. Starting last year, Congress let some restrictions
The hunger strikes at Guantanamo may prove the biggest test of Obama's "endless war on terror" policies that have centered on concluding the two big conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan but also continues to keep the Guantanamo Bay terror prison open.
Asked by a reporter whether the reassignment of the envoy was the "nail in the coffin" for Obama's Guantanamo pledge, Reid
I have now been to Guantánamo six times. Nothing I've seen has changed my view that the military commissions are unworkable. The system is set up to guarantee convictions and hand down death sentences, nothing more.
What happened to President Obama's bold promise to close Guantánamo?
Protests by human rights groups are planned for Miami, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago, she said. Events have been scheduled
It was just a year ago that the question of how to close the detention center sparked a furor in Congress, with Democratic