clostridium difficile

It's a clean, fast and effective medical procedure.
The pills seem to change the kinds of bacteria that grow in your gut.
“Some people do just fine with the antibiotic treatment,” said McDonald during the briefing. “But it is a problem that we’re
"Numerous reports have shown that FMT is effective in treating active C. difficile infection and preventing recurrences in
By: Rachael Rettner, MyHealthNewsDaily Senior Writer Published: 05/29/2013 06:16 PM EDT on LiveScience The study originally
"It is FDA's duty to ensure that a drug is safe, effective and does not expose a patient to unreasonable risks," FDA spokesperson
People with recurrent C. diff infection have been found to also have intestinal dysbiosis, or an imbalance of gut bacteria. Yet the treatment of C. diff infection -- the antibiotic vancomycin -- induces dysbiosis itself. Scratching your head? You're not alone.
Now, this study has not been written up and peer reviewed yet, so there is a chance it's a fluke. But I doubt it. In a recent
KILLING GOOD BACTERIA In a large number of cases, patients were already exposed to the infection in a nursing homes or outpatient
But finally, the cure came in a very unusual, but notoriously effective, method: to transfer some of his wife's fecal matter