Speaking from experience, Elizabeth Lesser says that closure detracts from the "gift of grief."
There are times when you'll find yourself left wondering where your relationship is going when in fact, it's been headed downhill ages ago (You were just so blinded that you didn't notice).
We live in a death-denying culture. Our denial is partially due to the inherent mystery accompanying physical death.
So what did I tell my ex? That while I understood and respected his need for closure - to get things off his chest - and I was grateful for my time with him, I needed to close the door on that chapter of my life. I wished him well and much peace and happiness, but told him that lunch simply wasn't in the cards.
These thoughts all bubbled to the surface of my mind because of my friend Kennedy. We were in the middle of a discussion
If there's any way to describe such a mission as satisfying, this is a satisfying. Closure, it's called. It feels clean. Tidy. Positive. Mom is now where she was happiest, and I enjoyed a sunny summer day with two wonderful women who have always loved me.
In his latest book, Whipping Boy: The Forty-Year Search for My Twelve-Year-Old Bully, writer Allen Kurzweil chronicles his
Today I found a moment in which I could rest. My father's grave is no longer a place where he has simply disappeared from this earth but instead a place of acknowledgment.
Oklahoma police have identified the remains of six people who disappeared decades ago.
The ending of any kind of relationship can be difficult but I am a firm believer that every season ends so that something more beautiful can bloom. View every ending as an opportunity to start over, renewed, with a clean slate.
Sometimes a person will sacrifice their happiness to make a better future for the both of you. This is called bravery.
Whenever our sense of safety and security is shattered by these types of events, restoring that emotional stability is not a simple undertaking. The central nervous system needs time to reset and process the loss of that very same safety and security that was taken away.
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Perhaps the worst thing about suicide is the pain that it causes to those left behind. These people are known as the survivors. And telling our stories can help us to heal from the trauma of this experience.
Then comes the summary of the day's end: what was accomplished and what wasn't; who did what, where, when, why, and how it
Few words make me angrier than a word that is constantly used toward and within the bereaved community. Closure.