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She starred on British children's television and appeared in the movie "Cloud Atlas" with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.
These eleven episodic novels do not follow traditional linear storylines, but don't think of them as short story collections either. Read as a whole, these narratives illuminate in their content and structure how we're more connected than we think.
As a rule, printed words stay on the page and music stays in the air. But every once in a while you come across a truly gifted writer who can make their sentences sing. Experience some of that magic with these eleven books that take classical music as their inspiration.
"It's not homage anymore when you start playing someone else's race."
There aren't many films from the past 15 years that bowled me over the way The Matrix did. Unfortunately, the Wachowskis -- Andy and Lana -- haven't come close since then.
When you first visit the SkyScience S'COOL website, you might think it's predominantly for kids but, trust me, you should
Mitchell, who rarely uses the Twitter account, started tweeting the story on July 14. Throughout the course of six days and
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We travel to see different things and meet people who are not like us. Sometimes, though, it would appear we're not so different from each other.
Centered around a highly advanced humanoid alien race known as the Aurocearians, victims of a devastating blow when the titular Gods (a mercurial bunch), angry with the race's arrogant behaviors, curses them by vaporizing every female hindering any hope for breeding. So what is a cursed race to do?
As summer heats up, our thirst for films about futuristic freedom fighters shows no sign of abating.
Quick, when I throw out the name Keith David, what's your first thought? Him casting a suspicious glance towards Kurt Russell in The Thing? The fistfight with Rowdy Roddy Piper in They Live? Face it, the guy's been around.
I recommend Cloud Atlas for daring to make us think that our lives matter in ways we may never know -- and in ways we may only hope.
Last year, Chinese censors also edited out some of Kate Winslet's nudity in "Titanic." Curiously, despite the appearance
The film is really six movies in one ranging from a rip-roaring sailing yarn from the days of the clipper ships to a sci-fi thriller that makes the great classic, Blade Runner, seem dimwitted and plodding.
Watch Professors Kevin Anderson and Salman Hameed break down the ambitious project of combined directors Tom Tykwer, Andy
Were Bruno Mars to go on a world tour for the release of Unorthodox Jukebox, there would likely be unsuspecting cousins in the audiences in Madrid, New York, Kiev, San Juan, Manila and Budapest. So tell me: Which box do you think Bruno Mars ticked on the 2010 census?
Other films that saw success were RZA's kung fu flick, "The Man with the Iron Fists," at number three with $8.2 million, and
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