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These two towering figures with gorgeous, sinister makeup wearing layers of latex and a sky-high wigs had a firm hold over the crowd, in part due to the tray of shots they were about to pass out, but also most certainly thanks to their general presence.
In the ephemeral world of queer nightlife, it's rare to find a constant and important figure. Mario Diaz, who first made a name for himself back in 90s New York City with his take on what nightlife could be, is just such a person.
On the other hand, what an amazing time to be alive. And how interesting is this 21st century? The world has made a radical
I was only 20 years old at the time, passionate and creative but incredibly naive. I had no clue as to how to navigate the
Within months I dropped out of college because I felt like I had to be a part of this world. I felt so accepted. It was really
The 35-minute interview covered a range of topics, including Alig's perspective about the progression of gay rights and the
Michael Alig joins HuffPost Live to talk about why he claims that Peter Gatien knew about the murder of Angel Melendez.
Alig has also been active on Twitter recently, using the editor of his memoir to communicate his thoughts to the outside
When David began performing, it was up to the kids to play around and find ways to look good with the tools at hand. With the internet--in particular YouTube makeup tutorials--even baby queens can learn to create stunning looks.
It's almost Christmas time... see you at the club? In this hilarious "Christmas On The Dance Floor" video from Greg Scarnici
When we caught up with Richie Rich last night at the Pierre Hotel for the Jets Tear Up the Pierre event with film guru Eli