All of the above outcomes will continue unchecked until we fundamentally change the financing system by adopting single-payer
Access is the new "Valley of Death." A concerted effort to update the value and coverage of new medical products is needed
We also touch base with physicians on other aspects of members' care, including any pharmacy issues, such as difficulty filling
"One of the chief goals of the pilot was to demonstrate the value of this new senior aide position," says Sara Joffe, PHI's
This new class of HCV drugs, which are much easier on the human body and virtually free of side effects, attacks the virus directly and can reduce the viral load to zero when taken correctly.
There is a raging debate going on in Washington about how the government pays for drugs used to treat cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, immunodeficiency diseases, and other serious medical conditions.
Create an outline for your blog's content and a strategy to achieve each goal. Start by crafting your overall purpose, listen
CMS' five-year demonstration project includes two phases. The first phase would change the 6 percent add-on to 2.5 percent
An Obama initiative to hold the line on spending has run into a lobbying buzzsaw.
It's time for a public reckoning. We know from anecdotal evidence and quantitative data that separate is not equal and does not work. Our teachers deserve safe and professional working conditions. Our students deserve a safe learning environment and a high quality education.