Gen. Kagame and Gen. Museveni installed Laurent Kabila as president. When Kabila tried to exert his independence from his
Following a year of fighting and negotiation between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the M23 rebel group, last month the M23 announced it was ending its military campaign in Eastern Congo, without a formal agreement.
As detailed in the State Department's 2009 Human Rights Report on the DRC armed groups and military units in some parts of
At Shalio Hill, Congolese army soldiers killed at least 50 refugees as they tried to flee. After the attack, one group of
Since this is beginning to sound more and more like a description of the third circle of hell, the latest information concerning
What has happened to the innocent in Congo goes far beyond anything that rational minds can comprehend. Is this why the US has turned such a blind eye to what is happening there?
Reported have said that joint military operations between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo have been a catastrophic failure. Now satellite imagery of the Busurungi area in North Kivu clearly shows burned villages.
Ntaganda was in Ituri during this same time period. The atrocities allegedly committed by Bosco in Ituri as documented by
If anyone thinks that the United States is off the hook, think again. The final report of the United Nations Group of Experts
Image: Howard Wolpe (Brandeis University) Diplomats, as I have indicated, seldom know much about these techniques, but they
The aid group OXFAM did something no one else has done and took a survey of the civilians in eastern Congo and asked them how the campaign was affecting them.
How involved was the United States State Department in the destabilization of the Kivu provinces in eastern DRC? Did our State Department officials become "terrorists" in the eyes of a revolutionary movement in Congo?
It is a "problem" for the innocents being burned alive in Congo. A problem for the Congolese women who are raped on a daily basis.
There we were in a bobbing quandary, broken and almost out of steam, lacking any apparent forward movement, a rudderless metaphor for the people of the Congo
N. No. We talk only on the phone. On the following morning they said Nkunda forced people to leave. I am asking people to
The people in eastern Congo are tired; we have been running for more than a decade now. We need to sit down, live in peace and raise our children.