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Children often get caught in the line of divorce cross-fire. Secretly they wish it could all go away. Instead, they develop
Being a co-parent doesn't mean I'm half a parent. It doesn't mean I love my son any less. Co-parenting turned out to be a
There's another option that more and more people are paying attention to. It's called a Parenting Marriage and it actually isn't a new concept. A Parenting Marriage happens when the romantic aspect of the relationship has gone by the wayside but you have kids together and you don't split up.
We took the time to sit down with each of them to talk about budgeting and prioritizing their expenses. Some of them did
Here's a news flash: Your divorce won't be the last emotionally negative experience your kid has to endure. Bad things happen in life all the time. As parents, our job is to help our children develop tools that allow them to navigate difficult times.
Just like parenting with a live-in spouse or partner, co-parenting has its joys -- and its challenges. In my view, though, co-parents have an extra responsibility to their children given the family rupture. Here are four reasons why effective co-parenting matters more than ever.
Life isn't always easy but it can be with the help or two parents who love their children unconditionally and need to learn some simple tips to develop successful co parenting situations. I believe in you and make sure you set a great example and speak nice because your kids are watching, listening and learning from you all the time. Be great because I know you can.
Anyone who thinks co-parenting is easy has probably never tried it themselves! Even if you and your ex did your best to "consciously uncouple," you are still likely to push each other's buttons from time to time after your divorce.
Family life is pretty hectic these days and managing your children's schedules can feel overwhelming at the best of times, especially when you are handling it from two separate homes. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you manage co-parenting after separation or divorce.
5 Co-Parenting Tips from a Divorced Divorce Attorney By Marina Edelman, LMFT for Divorce Magazine One of the best things
The holiday season can be a challenging time for divorced parents, especially the alone-times when your children are visiting their other parent.
So often, parents stay until their child falls asleep - I suggest an alternate route. I call this "exiting ritual." Many of my clients have found this to be an easy fix and I hope you do too...and don't forget to let me know what you think!
Some of the greatest moms and dads I know are also some of the worst parents I've ever seen. The worst offenders of that greatest bunch are the divorced moms and dads, because while they're trying so hard to be the better-liked parent, what's really "in the best interests of the kids," actually isn't.
I am now the parent of two beautiful girls. One of my vows when they were born was to pass my father's soul-building gift of listening on to them.
The kids come first. Every person going through a divorce says this, but when things get tough and emotions are at an all time high, how do you make sure the kids continue to be a priority rather than arguments with the ex becoming more important?
We get a lot of raised eyebrows when we show up at events together. We are often commended by school teachers and doctors for showing up at parent teacher conferences and medical appointments together.
Since this is the final article in this series, I am finally going to share the answer I gave the attorney colleague of mine who asked me the following question: "Any thoughts on how to make money as a family lawyer when you're not prepared to screw the other side?"
These days, Houghtailing and her ex are concentrating on what matters: "Sweatshirts and pajamas are no longer on the list
A great many of my family law attorney colleagues believe that mediation only works under such narrow circumstances, that almost no cases are appropriately suitable for it. They believe that mediation is only effective in family law cases under the following circumstances.
As parents, all we want is a safe haven for our family and we try to find it. But whether it's in a quiet suburb or a big city, all of these places have one thing in common: They're in America. And Americans have guns.