A strong signal was sent towards implementation with the launch of the NDC Partnership, to be co-chaired by the governments
In North America, more and more colleges and cities are looking to convert their old steam water systems, which can be costly
If we in the developed world are still addicted to fossil, how can we expect the use of fossil to decrease quickly in developing nations?
This week Walmart became the 26th company to successfully set greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets that are in line
Like the grains of sand in an hour glass, 400 grains now sit at the bottom of the glass while just five grains remain at the top. The Earth's 400 ppm of atmospheric CO2 is a stark reminder of how little time we have left to act on climate and end our dependency on fossil fuels.
Anyone who has sat through UN negotiations knows that the process can be slow and frustrating. There are long stretches of inactivity followed by a day when you realize that big things can be achieved when people and countries come together to seek consensus. For those of us who have been working on climate issues in the aviation industry, last week marked the culmination of a number of years of work.
Despite robust efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, current technology does nothing about the carbon dioxide already
New technology is required to make meaningful progress on climate change. This column will focus on one of those options
A dozen years ago sustainability was an uncommon word, and was used occasionally to describe anything that would maintain over time. Then the term gained new meaning as increasingly scientific studies were published with data relating to climate change and its impact on our planet.
At its core, a carbon tax is a tax on the carbon content of fossil fuels. It would raise revenue and result in reductions