coal power

First responders are trained to give people immediate life-saving care and get people out of dangerous situations. When a
TEP is due to review its energy plan for the next few years, which presents it with the opportunity to drop at least a large
Kosovo's energy transition is at a standstill. Between trying to live up to the standards of industrial countries and meeting the needs of its citizens, the tiny country of 1.8 million is grappling with the growing global pressure to adopt alternative energy strategies.
More than 90 percent of the excess heat that the atmosphere now traps goes into the oceans, Gore indicated. Warmer than normal
On Wednesday, the wide field of Republican candidates vying to become the 45th president will arrive in Boulder, Colorado for a debate on the economy. But the health of our economy is inextricably linked to our environment.
A hybrid car is a pretty good choice, but making and disposing of the batteries in electric and hybrid cars results in serious impacts on the environment. They require special chemicals and result in nasty waste. Again, there is always a price to pay.
When Oregon state officials last month denied a key permit to a huge proposed facility for exporting coal to Asia, they deepened
Albert Einstein is rumored to have said that one cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that led to it. Yet this is precisely what we are now trying to do with climate change policy.
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has decided to shutter eight coal-burning generating stations at three locations in Alabama and Kentucky, yet another blow to the beleaguered coal industry.