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As the continent awaits Washington's move, Africans are looking to Beijing as a force for global stability.
As China looks to fill America’s Trump-induced global gap, its role in Africa is under scrutiny.
President Trump is not the only one sparking outrage over the violation of a "one China" policy.
And it’s ironic given the growing consensus that Beijing is the U.S. president-elect's enemy number one.
As chaos consumes large portions of the region, Beijing is sending in cash.
Netflix documentary "The Ivory Game" exposes the dark underworld of the ivory trade and Beijing's role in shaping the destiny of these animals.
This small, landlocked country is aiming to position itself as a hub for Chinese investment in Africa.
By neglecting to propose a clear approach toward the continent, the future U.S. president may end up boosting Beijing.
While Chinese news media struggles to find an African audience, Bruce Lee draws crowds across the continent to the films.
As Beijing cracks down on local NGOs, many Chinese organizations are turning to Africa.