Coca leaves

When news broke yesterday about the discovery of $56 million worth of cocaine at a Coca-Cola plant in France, the press was
Her eye-catching title reads, "Bolivia's decent into rogue state status," but what does that mean? A rouge state is a country that has broken international law and poses a threat to the security of other nations.
Only about 100 cases will go on the market in the U.K., costing about $450 (£250) each. Of course, in keeping with the whole
Click here to read Al Jazeera's full report on the Yungas Valley. In Bolivia's Yungas Valley, Al Jazeera discovered, men
The Andean nation's indigenous people have long resented the Coca-Cola company for usurping the name of their sacred coca leaf. Now, they are aiming to take back their heritage.
I've spent much of my life wondering why people who can handle a monthly paycheck will turn around and blow a large sum when they get the chance.