cocaine smuggling

Former beauty queen charged with possession with intent to distribute
Airport officials became suspicious after they found fresh operation scars on her chest during a search.
A dressing made from those ingredients would definitely awaken your tastebuds.
The flight may have landed, but this suspect was just starting to get high. A Texas pilot booked himself a direct trip to
In one of the latest attempts, authorities said two women hid cocaine under wigs while flying from Brazil to Spain, according
As RIA Novosti notes, the seizure is the third cocaine stash, shipped from Ecuador in banana crates, that Russian customs
Opening some banana boxes from Colombia last week, staff at a supermarket in Aarhus, Denmark, got quite a surprise when they
According to a HuffPost translation of Globo, the man was attempting to fly from Campinas, Brazil to Lisbon, Portugal, and
Should we expect women with bomb implants to be the next evolutionary step in 21st-century terrorism?
Click below for photos of the suspects captured in the bust: Authorities may have found out about the pipeline from an informant