Cocktail party

A new, old idea is bubbling up at the nation's cocktail parties.
You've seen her. She walks into the room and heads turn, conversations stop, and everyone wants to know "Who's that girl?" Well, you're that girl -- or you can be!
These days many people shy away from entertaining, especially a crowd. This is a shame. Holiday parties end up being held at the office, which is no fun for anyone. The Chrismukkah holiday season is a wonderful excuse to bring together friends.
I'm just going to say it. Your party venue is too big. Trust me. It doesn't matter where you're throwing your event -- it's probably too big. In my experience planning and hosting parties, I've never come across an event space too small. In fact, most of the time there's excess space.
Maybe it's your birthday. Maybe your godson is graduating from college. Maybe it's a Saturday night and your name is Emily
If you are in the mood for a little taste of the woods, earthy tones with a hint of citrus, this Icelandic Birch Cocktail
Despite the festive season coming around again every year and there being countless occasions throughout the year to dress up and attend great parties, it does seem like party season always tends to sneak up on you and catch you in a moment of unpreparedness.
Wouldn't it be nice to add some must-have pieces to your wardrobe that are perfect to wear to any holiday soiree AND most of the year?
A serving bowl and spoons While mismatched dining plates give your dinner party an endearing effect, this morning's cereal
Today, we're getting tipsy with the no-fail questions these 10 expert hosts ask to kick-start a conversation at a cocktail or dinner party.
Being older means not feeling like you must wear shoes that in which you can barely walk in from your cab to the front door
So you’re throwing a party. Considering last winter’s frigid -- and, lest we forget, record-breaking temperatures -- you
Sadly, a woman cannot live on ice cream alone -- onwards to more cocktails.
Four words to help you take your New Year's Eve bash over the top: fire up the grill.
I thought it wise for all you conscientious party throwers out there to know about some healthier options.
Giving the gift of conversation is worthwhile to everyone. True success comes from taking the first step and saying hello. The topic is not nearly as important as the effort.
Halloween doesn't need to be a frightful occasion for gluten-free haunted housemates.
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