Higher temperatures and low humidity could harm cocoa production in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, which produce 50% of the world’s cocoa.
Here are a few tips for chocolate lovers who want to stay healthy while they indulge on dessert.
Poverty and extreme poverty in many cases are the consequence of exploitative business models of multinational corporations that claim to be ethical and also say that they support the SDGs.
One project involves helping the Arhuaco - one of four indigenous tribes living on the slopes of the pyramid-shaped Sierra
I hope you will agree with me that, if we share enough with others, if we compensate properly those who produce for us, we
Harriet Kamashanyu, Rhythm of Life, Kampala, Uganda. A social initiative in the red light district provides HIV-positive
But it is difficult to question the merit and success of the Fairtrade and certified coffee, chai and cacao marketing campaigns
Heart benefit seen from compound in tea, cocoa, apples.
The bean to bar experience actually starts with a pod.
Chocolate is made from processing cocoa mass (or chocolate liquor) with sugar, cocoa butter and in the case of milk chocolate