coconut recipes

Mindfulness is about being fully invested in the moment, which is particularly gratifying when you are doing something you cherish. Eating a young coconut has become such a relaxing (and delicious!) ritual for me that lately I've been turning all my visitors on to them.
Introduce your oatmeal, eggs and waffles to the wonders of coconut oil.
Mustique is lush with coconut trees and I quickly discovered that the coconut is an integral part of island life. I find it endlessly inspiring because nearly every part can be used to add complexity and a spectacular tropical flavor to any dish.
This healthy fat can transform popcorn, garlic bread and even fried chicken, as these creative recipes from Sasha Seymour's
A few days later, I still had some old bananas lying around and was craving some coconut. It was a Sunday spring morning, and before I headed out to clean my garage, I made this with no fuss and no muss.
Crisp and tropical, you can't go wrong with this dish.
Towering layers of tropical sweetness.
We're always amazed how easily we get obsessed with certain ingredients.
We love the classic, but sometimes we can't help but mess with perfection.