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"At Vita Coco, we’ll go to great lengths to prove a hater wrong."
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Mindfulness is about being fully invested in the moment, which is particularly gratifying when you are doing something you cherish. Eating a young coconut has become such a relaxing (and delicious!) ritual for me that lately I've been turning all my visitors on to them.
Back when coconut water became a thing, marketers positioned it as a hydration powerhouse, claiming its natural sugar and electrolytes will hydrate better than water. While the nutrient composition of coconut water does resemble a lighter, more natural version of a sports drink, it may not deserve all of the hydration hype after all.
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Mustique is lush with coconut trees and I quickly discovered that the coconut is an integral part of island life. I find it endlessly inspiring because nearly every part can be used to add complexity and a spectacular tropical flavor to any dish.
"Until I see some research to back up the claims being made about maple sap, I'd stick with enjoying free water," she tells
Mozambique was once one of the largest coconut producers in the world. Today, reports estimate that as much as half of the country's coconut trees have been destroyed, making it impossible to sustain the same level of production.
The flesh of a young coconut is soft and chewy with a mild flavor plus you can usually get up to a cup and a half of delicious coconut water out of each fruit.
I'm coming to grips with the fact that I must budget for this relatively new obsession of mine, but I don't mind. Feeling energetic, not taking sick days, glowing from the inside out... it's all priceless.
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The growth in just 10 years is astounding.
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I've been drinking ... watermelon.
HuffPost Taste receives pretty bizarre foods each week, but it's nothing Mike "Iron Gut" Sacks won't try. Watch as he puts his taste buds to the test with Watermelon Water!
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Here's a refreshing, colorful and absolutely mouthwatering concoction...
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At the Winter Fancy Food Show two weeks ago, coconut was the major flavor du jour -- from coconut cheese to coconut sake
It did not taste like a coconut. It tasted like someone took salt, dirt and gross and mixed it with water.
This week in Huffington, we spotlight companies that see stress as an expensive threat to the balance sheet, and are in turn
The brand initially drew attention in the U.S. after an investment by pop icon Madonna in 2009. Vita Coco then brought in
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We're at a loss when it comes to figuring out why people like this stuff.
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In Sri Lanka, the coconut is, in a sense, a source of life.