Are you always the giver and your partner always the taker?
As a Twelve-Step recovery coach I’ve found the journals I kept during the years I dated a narcissist to be an incredibly
Nicole and Danny have been married just a year, but say married life has been anything but blissful for the newlyweds, and
11. SLDD often manifests as an addiction. The enthralling emotional drama of dysfunctional relationships or the belief that
You may have the same Malfunctioning Manspeak Translator in your head. Let me know if you relate to any of these common phrases. (And, since misunderstanding is often a two-way street, I also include the Accurate Manspeak Translation.)
What you will soon learn is that this beloved friend was always a covert narcissist and the friendship you so dearly appreciated
Think about the person in your life that continually doesn't show up in the way that you would like or in a manner that would be fulfilling for you, yet you keep asking them to do things differently. The lesson here is believing who people demonstrate themselves to be.
Although the codependent parent is harmed by their narcissistic partner, their codependency should not be considered a valid excuse for not protecting their children.
In this day and age we live our lives online. And of course this naturally extends to our romantic lives whether that be dating, married or in a committed relationship. This has happened so quickly that we haven't necessarily taken the precautions to protect ourselves. And because we live our lives online, it is only natural that our romantic encounters, relationships and prospects also have an online existence.
As families move from a caregiving mindset to a caretaking one, failure to launch is becoming increasingly common.
Slowly the disease takes over more and more aspects of your life. It gets harder to focus on your own life because managing
I cannot give what I do not have. Giving out of hidden resentment is poisonous to both parties. Giving out of a heart of love is satisfying beyond measure.