coffee addiction

I'm going to approach coffee like I do desserts -- every once in a while. 🍰 ☕️
There's a new coffee addict in town (and yes, I may have had two or more cups before writing this). The study looked at the
Addicted to coffee? Well, you are in excellent company.
I used to drink coffee. All the time, actually. I drank it in high school, because pouring liquids from one container into another, and then into my body, was the most exciting thing that could happen while minding the front desk at the Y. I drank it in college because my stupid professors kept yelling at me for sleeping in class.
"It's the idea of finding legitimate substitutions that get you in that same motion -- whether you're in a coffee shop or
I had my first cup at four years old. This was the beginning of my strange addiction. It was four cups a day in high school
All I desire is a decent Americano with a good head of crema. Not some drink they call The Golden Mountain served to me by a pigtailed kid wearing a t-shirt so sheer his nipples show through.
"Caffeine tends to [open] the lower esophageal sphincter," says Robynne Chutkan, M.D., assistant professor in gastroenterology
• 52% of coffee drinkers would rather go without a shower in the morning than give up coffee. Yes, Americans are obsessed
There is a path to quitting caffeine and the road ahead is a two-lane country road, deftly carved into mountains and alongside sparkling beaches, which certainly trumps the cement superhighway on which I was perpetually racing.
Whether coffee is good or bad is relative and based on the individual. Let me to help you decide whether you are addicted and what to do about it.
Oh, yes. Apparently Denver is one of the American cities most addicted to "designer" coffee -- the kind that they sell at
I am coffee free and I attribute that success to mindfulness. This last time of stopping coffee was quite different than before.
How can I teach my son self-control if I do not have any? Mom and Dad are mostly right, but when they are not, should there not be consequences?