coffee addiction

I'm going to approach coffee like I do desserts -- every once in a while. 🍰 ☕️
That image you have in your head of police officers and detectives being the only ones who sit at their desks all day downing
Addicted to coffee? Well, you are in excellent company.
I used to drink coffee. All the time, actually. I drank it in high school, because pouring liquids from one container into another, and then into my body, was the most exciting thing that could happen while minding the front desk at the Y. I drank it in college because my stupid professors kept yelling at me for sleeping in class.
Coffee, of course, is actually a superfood -- filled with disease-fighting antioxidants. But while a reasonable amount can
Coffee is a drug. And using it recreationally is certainly fine, or for the occasional pick me up when you just couldn't get enough sleep. But there is a dark side of coffee and caffeine.
I had my first cup at four years old. This was the beginning of my strange addiction. It was four cups a day in high school
All I desire is a decent Americano with a good head of crema. Not some drink they call The Golden Mountain served to me by a pigtailed kid wearing a t-shirt so sheer his nipples show through.