Adrian Hogan, an illustrator living in Tokyo, has been crafting stunning panoramas of local scenes as part of his daily sketching
Lafitte told Buzzfeed he'd love to see his designs, which he currently draws on disposable paper cups, adorn more permanent
Using only a toothpick, Breach is able to mark detailed faces in the foam, only to have his coffee creations fade away quickly
If they love coffee so much, why don't they marry it?
Custom stencils have changed your morning cup of joe forever.
With impressive precision, the barista inscribes detailed faces into latte foam using a toothpick, only to watch the ephemeral
We thought yesterday's espresso-inspired portraits of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were impressive enough, but it turns out
For more impressive latte art from Tokyo Otaku Mode, check out the slideshow below. With less than 24 hours until the polls
The world's largest coffee mosaic, according to Russia's Book of Records recently debuted in Gorky Park, Moscow. The piece