Panama wants us to think of it as more than a feat of engineering; more than a continental bridge; more than headquarters for summer hats. This is why I am here. I want to check out its highlands and some of the animals and birds that you have to sneak around quietly to see.
There are still a ton of tall tales being passed around that negatively impact the way you consume coffee.
Most people don't know very much about what they're drinking every morning.
It's not just that the best coffee is often served to you by someone with an attitude and a sweet vest.
I discovered that in the hot-for-cold tradeoff, odds are you're getting royally screwed.
This year, my husband and I slashed our annual coffee budget from a shocking $1,350 (we purchased whole beans from local roasters) to about $320. (I'll save you the math: That's $10,300 of savings over the next decade.)
You CAN make a delicious cup from a store-bought bag of beans.
Learn how to properly store your groceries to keep food flavorful, save money on groceries, and reduce food waste.
Will twerk for coffee. "It's Monday. I'm too hyper to focus ..." "I need more. Like right now." via Cheezburger/Giphy via
When you're staring at a shelf, it can be hard to detect the cream of the (unfairly traded) crop.
No matter where you find yourself in the world, chances are you'll start your day off with a cup of coffee.
The way you drink coffee at the office reveals plenty about your true character.
Most people start their day with a cup of coffee, but only a dedicated few turn that one cup into thousands.
La roya. It may roll off the tongue, but this local term for "Coffee Leaf Rust" describes a fungal blight that has wiped out a significant amount of the worldwide coffee crop, adding insult to injury as farmers in Chiapas now doubly face the pressures of decreased output and falling global coffee prices.
"Barista, would you roll me a robust Columbian blend?" We're not quite there yet, but more teenagers are smoking coffee rather
Have you ever had the feeling of overwhelming joy in one little cup? This is what I experienced after my first sips of Serengeti's Moroccan Mint tea.
After tasting coffees (at the source) in over two dozen nations around the world, I think I've finally discovered the secret to growing "The World's Best Coffee."
Coffee has been around for a thousand years. Let's learn how they did it back in the day.