Coffee Break

Productivity is a subject that is highly discussed in offices and among company culture proponents around the globe. Being the humans that we are, we often become dependent on external factors and stimulants for the required dose of productivity needed to get us into work mode.
Two researchers decided to apply a bit of scientific method to this question. So let's take a look at what you've been doing right and what you've been doing wrong on that work break.
Every Monday morning you can expect to see a social-media spike in one topic: #coffee. More and more, people are opting to save a few bucks by making their own coffee at home and taking it to-go.
If you haven't tried tsoureki before, then you are certainly missing out!
Turns out that daily cup of coffee is a daily 2.2 cups, according to our first-ever coffee survey, which delved into the java-drinking habits of over 1,700 caffeine fiends.
This might be a very random question to ask but can you remember the first cup of coffee you ever had?
What separates a hard worker from someone who does the bare minimum? New research suggests they have different ways of approaching
Why does so much philosophy take place in bars and coffeehouses? What's the relationship between drinking and thinking?
In this day and age, in a world of 24/7 connectivity there is also a need for increased productivity, and so it's hardly