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Jerry, who is convinced that inanimate objects are out to get him, got some great advice from 83-year-old super salesman
However, doing so before you've had ample amounts of caffeine is not advised.
Inanimate objects are out to get me. I can deal with human beings, either by ignoring them or by telling them such dumb jokes that they ignore me. But machines have me baffled.
These findings are pretty disturbing, no doubt. But before you vow to switch to tea, you should know that most kitchen products
Fill the carafe with warm, sudsy water and some rice as a gentle abrasive. Swirl the mixture in the pot, then use a scrubber
Forget the blaring ring from your phone's alarm clock. Your early morning routine may soon get so much more enjoyable -- and
Because apparently some people are okay with spending their life savings on a single kitchen appliance.
Like breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert.
Finally, you can have quality coffee anywhere.
Why are one-cup coffee makers so big when they produce something so small (one cup of coffee)? I still don't know.
Starbucks' new machine claims to make coffee just like the real stuff from Starbucks. We tried it out.
An apparent improvement-by-miles on the simple, mundane kitchen coffee machine, the Blossom One Limited was designed and