The company plans to expand west from its northeastern hub, putting it in competition with Starbucks on the national stage
"I'm not concerned about where coffee is going," Schultz said. "I think the market has significantly overreacted to the issue
You might soon be paying more for your morning pick-me-up thanks to recent coffee converts on the other side of the world
Being employed as a coffee buyer is good, rewarding work if you can get it. And I find it heartening that there's interest in where coffee comes from, and how it gets from seed to cup.
Are you one of those people who constantly grumbles about $4 lattes? Brace yourself: Starbucks, patient zero of that particular
Does carrying around a latte in that disposable white cup with the green logo make you cool? Uh, no. It makes you a fool
In May, Starbucks increased the price of its packaged coffee for the second time this year, boosting the price by 17 percent
"For us, with them, it's the same sort of relationship we have with our producers, we hope they are our retail customers
It's wintertime, and there's nothing better than waking up to a warm cup of ... well, something. So if you're not a coffee
Farmers, keen to avoid another meltdown, have learned that they are better off producing higher quality coffee in a sustainable manner, not just more coffee.