coffee recipes

Fresh Cannoli for an irresistible combination. Best served with Sicilian Cannoli (Click to get the recipe) Utensils: Martini
So I have to admit I never really understood the hype of a coffee drink. I mean the fact that people had a countdown of the
His obsession for coffee -- at least two pots a day -- and his love for grilling and smoking meat have something to do with it.
See the full list of glorious ways to cook with coffee. Coffee-Rubbed Burgers with Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce Juicy times a thousand
As I slowly weaned myself off of the daily Starbucks visits, I noticed that when I did go there, the coffees started tasting a bit too sweet. This was a great break-through! It didn't make sense for me to go so often if I actually preferred my own coffee recipes.
Today: The best way to brew coffee in a Chemex.
For when you really need that caffeine fix.
It's the perfect combination of ice cream and espresso.
I must admit, my coffee routine has gotten a bit boring. Every morning since high school, the first thing I do when I wake up is brew a cup of coffee.