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“Loving: A Photographic History of Men in Love" is a powerful testament to same-sex couples and the strength they demonstrated prior to the Stonewall uprising.
Author Susan Schadt hooks a bass on Toledo Lake during the shoot with Donald Link (Photo by Lisa Buser, image courtesy Susan
In an age with an intense focal point of digitalization, Vivant Books has successful seeped through the cracks to present us with fine art in a way that's elegant, inventive and refreshing.
Let's face it. If you love to travel, there's nothing more exciting than exploring a new place for the first time. Well, maybe there is one thing: buying something new from each place to remind you of your trip!
We've rounded up a few of our favorite fashion tomes that boast covers just as captivating as what lies inside. Check them
Have you been hearing the term "millennials" lately and wondering what this term really signifies as we attempt to name or
I'm inspired by sweet popping possibility, hope, joy. I'm inspired by the messages I receive from people and the friends and family who are kicking ass and taking names. I'm inspired by happiness, and by the burning truth that deep down, we are enough, that now is beautiful, and that things get better.
We all dream about getting away from it all. But to where? And what are we going to do when we get there, pitch a tent? Photography
The exception? The surfaces you see here. They don't just single-handedly prove that a couple bold books and carefully-chosen
Our duties lie with our kids, not our social media audience. And yes, it can be life-saving to laugh about them sometimes -- but why not do it in a way that doesn't hurt them in the process?