Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It's common for addicts to turn to new and old addictions this time of year, but there are ways to help.
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The power of technology holds out promise for the more than 300 million people who face depression around the globe.
Bottle-feeding therapy touches on some of the factors that make eating disorders hard to treat.
I want to make that process easier for you by offering a few tips for making your search less harrowing. This post was originally
Before Jo joined PPD, police frequently dealt with one homeless man, who we'll call "Bill." Officers regularly tried to escort
These programs, which are affiliated with VNSNY's Community Mental Health Services division, demonstrate that when it comes to building healthy communities and supporting the well-being of patients like Jean, physical and mental health can't be separated.
Using customized skullcaps, fitted with electrodes, the researchers zapped the brains of novice pilots with the brain patterns of six flight experts, hoping they could improve their performance during flight simulation training.
The consequences of insomnia to health, safety, performance and quality of life are enormous. So is the financial toll.
All of us engage in black and white thinking from time to time, but the important thing is to acknowledge it when it happens, and talk yourself through the thought problem, in order to find balance.
With all of these options before you, it becomes impossible to believe that there is no way out of a bad situation. Life can always get better.
Once I'm ready to sleep, where should I do it? I talked to the guy who creates these pods called Metro Naps and he's learned
In a study published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology in December 2015, a meta-analysis assessed the immediate, short-term, and long-term efficacy of psychotherapy for reducing GI symptoms in adults with IBS.
Learn to identify the forces influencing your performance by practicing with the dashboard form. Whether you are tackling the playing field and other players, or an ominous change in your life, you can hone your awareness skills so that the forces may be with you!
Part social media platform, part cognitive behavioral therapy tool, Koko is an app that allows people to post their deepest anxieties and fears to a network of anonymous peers. These peers then respond to the posts in an exercise known as cognitive reframing.
It's time for a difficulty revolution. If we're to be better partners, employees, and friends, we must embrace and celebrate moments of difficulty. Why? Simply put, difficulty is the crux of all learning and growth, and one of the clearest indicators that we're achieving our goals.
There are many elements of Gautama's philosophy that are compelling and useful, but some of his main ideas are antiquated and riddled with irreconcilable contradictions. It's worthwhile separating what he got right from what he got wrong.
Based on research and inventions we licensed from Dr. Adam Gazzaley at UCSF, the technology requires a user to constantly
Web counseling is an easily accessible and affordable mental health tool. And new evidence suggests it's effective, too.