Cognitive Neuroscience

Trying to stop yourself from yawning makes you want to yawn more.
“We’re all just walking each other home.” ― Ram Dass We went around the room, one by one answering the question proposed
Very basic skills depend a lot on the way memory works and humans perceive shapes in their environment. Cognitive neuroscience
I remembered the thief's face vividly for a day or so, but as the days passed, I found that I remembered fewer images and more facts. Try as I might, I couldn't picture the guy's face. In other words, semantic memories were out-competing episodic ones.
The reigning theory of human thinking argues not only that algebra and language share a neurological foundation, but that mathematical reasoning co-opted the evolved machinery of language for non-linguistic tasks.
There are now major forces driving a revolution in personal brain management. At the intersection of these movements is positive applied neuropsychology -- the systematic study of brain mechanisms underlying well-being.
Scientists and doctors have been studying placebos for more than half a century. These inert "sugar pills" remain highly controversial, yet they are widely used in clinical treatment today -- especially in the area of pain management.
As climate chaos disasters unfold, we might witness a sustained rise in collective compassion, leading to genuine international cooperation and unity of the human species. But there's also our shadow.
The preference for the concrete over the abstract is a universal feature of the human mind, not a conservative or liberal foible. President Obama should consider this fact carefully when crafting his messages.
Groundbreaking cognitive neuroscience research has occurred over the last 20 years -- without parallel growth of consumer awareness and appropriate professional dissemination.