Cohen is under investigation for possible bank fraud and campaign finance violations.
Fox News’ Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano has shredded his colleague and friend Sean Hannity, for claiming he had attorney-client privilege with President Trump’s embattled fixer Michael Cohen.
In its latest attempt to derail EPA's review of this potentially "catastrophic" project, Pebble paid former Defense Secretary William Cohen, The Cohen Group, and DLA Piper LLP to prepare an "independent" report that, unsurprisingly, confirms that EPA's review should be derailed. Follow the money.
Based on a brief, undefined investigation, Secretary Cohen concluded to no one's surprise that his client has been unfairly treated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in its federal Clean Water Act review of the mining project -- just as his client has argued for years.
As a physicist and a fan-boy, I visibly cringe when the token scientist is (1) a crazy egomaniac, (2) a socially awkward nerd, or (3) carrying around flasks while wearing a white lab coat. Sure, some folks line up with these stereotypes, but reality is far more interesting...
But of course could never really be true. These two. Sometimes it would completely surprise you. Love for "The O.C." has
It's providential for Michelle's sake that LaVaughn ever met Fraser C. Robinson, Jr. because he would have much preferred to never leave the South.
For his new super agency on "Mass Atrocities" to have any credibility, Pres. Obama should stop playing political games with genocide, recognize previous "Mass Atrocities", such as the Armenian Genocide, and draw appropriate lessons from them.
This whole section is excellent, really. On a very basic level Obama is saying: I know it's a more complicated world, but
Given the current interest in interactions and tensions between Washington and Beijing, I decided to ask Warren I. Cohen a few questions about the new edition of his book, America's Response to China.
EB Hushed Monologue: God, if you let me get through this, I promise to pre-screen the Twitter questions from here on in. >> So
The MBMA recently invited Representative Cohen to a gathering to address the ministers over his vote in favor of hate crimes