Less well-known is that ArmorGroup has roots connecting it to other human rights abuses and controversial tactics on behalf
Bitcoin is known for its aggressive bull trends. There are many risks associated with owning bitcoin such as volatility and keeping your coins secure from hacks. That said, there are also many positive benefits for including bitcoin in your portfolio.
Beatrix Potter's fictional bunny stars on a British 50 pence piece.
With services like Wallet, Pay and Coin, why would people continue to carry around a wallet stuffed with cards begging to be pilfered and mis-aligning their spine when they sit?
At face value, the Petraeus visit seemed rather banal, garnering no national press attention and little local media coverage
Mobile payments remain a much sought-after nut to crack for technology companies both large and small. Any firm able to facilitate
In order to qualify for the competition, contestants will need to be 14 years or older and U.S. citizens. In addition to
But the stations also largely depended on funding from the west, and with the provincial reconstruction team preparing to
Valuing small amounts of money is directly connected to paying attention to life's small expenditures. And it's the small outlays of money that you have the most control over.
How many more American soldiers and innocent Afghan civilians have to die before the Obama administration withdraws from Afghanistan?
"Winning" is not an appropriate term, not to mention that it sounds ugly, triumphalist -- even passé. So, let's employ more meaningful parlance and ways of measuring success by asking such rudimentary questions as, "Are we achieving our security objectives?"
Exactly what is COIN? Simply put, it is the theory and practice of suppressing insurgencies that mix violent and non-violence methods to topple existing governments and to seize power. Indeed, COIN is a growth industry.
The facts unequivocally illustrate that the drone program is steering the U.S. away from achieving its national security objectives in the region.
Assertions that American counterinsurgency could secure Afghanistan and improve life for most Afghans were "grossly inflated
"Osama bin Laden ought to be a moment that makes us reevaluate our strategy," he said. "I'm trying to be very careful to
We are already making smart development investments in Pakistan in energy and agriculture, but until we make credible game-changing investments in basic education, we can expect those gains to be unsustainable in the long-term.
Instead of focusing on metrics that matter, U.S. officials have decided to trumpet enemy body count. Apparently, the number of dead insurgents, not civilians, is now the barometer for determining the campaign's efficacy.