Cokie Roberts

"No class. Not even for a moment," one person fired back on Twitter after the president's indifferent remarks about the celebrated journalist's death.
The former president hailed the veteran journalist's "trailblazing" work in the field, a stark contrast from Trump's response that Roberts "never treated me nicely."
The veteran journalist won three Emmys for her work over the years.
"You can’t say, 'He’s a racist and what he says is textbook racism, but I support him because he’s the nominee of my party,'" the legendary journalist said.
Journalist and author Cokie Roberts says that philandering liar Alexander Hamilton is still making women wait their turn to assume their rightful place on the front of American currency.
In the United States, there is a high premium on press neutrality. We hold journalism to a gilded Platonic ideal: reporters are expected to present the news in a vacuum devoid of commentary or bias. It's time for the press to act like the Fourth Estate -- to warn and protect its public.
Thanks to Donald Trump and his hate-filled promises, there are white young people who think it's A-ok to be bigoted. And thanks to Donald Trump, young Latinos, Muslim-Americans and African-Americans, now are being mocked and insulted in 2016.