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He has chance to imbue it not with the trite, topical humor we have come to expect from the genre, but rather with the full range of emotions that encompass the human experience: grief, fear, hope, sorrow and, of course, humor -- lots and lots of humor.
Goodbye, Nation. "The Colbert Report" has announced the guests for Stephen Colbert's last week of shows. Seth Rogen will
Trouble is brewing, nation. Stephen Colbert has learned that Pabst Blue Ribbon, Old Milwaukee, Schlitz and Colt 45 are all
"Colbore" does it again, nation! [h/t Uproxx] Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video
(h/t: Raw Story) “These kids aren’t just invading our country, they’re here,” Colbert said with his hand on
When December comes, and his character makes his final ego-fueled jog across the stage to the interview table, he will be sweeping our scene. As for the next one, we assume we'll be just be watching it from the audience.
Stephen Colbert is now defending himself over claims of racism after the hashtag #CancelColbert began trending on Twitter. The call to end his show was sparked after a joke he made was posted to the social media site.
Colbert mocked O'Reilly's claim Wednesday night and wondered how a woman could ever do the job of president of the United
Stephen Colbert said Wednesday that everybody is still talking about Bill O'Reilly's interview with President Obama on Super
Colbert called out one critic in particular who said that the ad was offensive because it featured a "deeply Christian patriotic
While it may have seemed like everyone was bowled over by Michelle Obama's powerful DNC speech, at least one man knew it
Stephen Colbert couldn't resist the opportunity to go all-out with the communist imagery and rhetoric in the opening package
If you think that Colbert is just a guy doing a shtick as a bloviating pundit on Comedy Central, then it makes sense to question why he would be the subject of study.
West & Smiley took Colbert's mock outrage in stride, sparring back with him while also making their case for the poor. Colbert
Numerous House flacks report taking incoming from the comedian, but seem mostly amused. WASHINGTON -- Comedy Central's Stephen
In an inspired segment about how there's nothing to look forward to -- and it's definitely Obama's fault -- Colbert mocked
Enter "The Conservative Teen" magazine. Not only does it talk about the issues that are most important to conservatives in
Colbert illustrated this point perfectly with his fierce take down of Obama's non-existent gun-control conspiracy. Apparently
Watch the full clip above, and check out Jon Stewart's Trayvon Martin segment here. Which show do you think made the stronger