Colgan Air

Just reading through a few of the interview transcripts from the Colgan investigation is enough to realize that the NTSB's
The public fascination with aviation disasters keeps pressure on the F.A.A. to constantly refine an already high level of safety. That's clearly not the case in mine safety.
When the NTSB meets on Tuesday to determine what caused the fatal crash of Continental Connection flight 3407, it will hear how the first officer on the flight sent two text messages from the cockpit.
Every air accident is the result of someone failing to imagine or anticipate a combination of circumstances that should have been anticipated by someone. And I'll be you dollars to donuts that someone, or maybe even a whole lot of someones that worked on the design of the Airbus A330 has a pretty good idea of what went wrong.
Federal investigators hammered Colgan Air executives about the pay of their pilots -- in 24-year-old Shaw's case, she made