Wean children from the bottle as early as 12-14 months. Never let your child walk around with a bottle filled with milk for
Colgate 2016 Super Bowl Ad: "Save Water" Credit: Colgate And in a clever anti-sexual and domestic violence spot "Text Talk
The Super Bowl just ended -- the Broncos upset the favored Panthers, in what was for some an exciting game (for me, anyways). I ate way too much -- way, way too much, had a great time with my friends, and joined over 100 million people around the world.
The company poured the equivalent of 4.2 million gallons of water down the drain -- to tell you not to waste water.
As a consumer overwhelmed by the profusion of brands, it's increasingly more confusing and difficult to know what's right for your little Balthazar or Zorro. In the past we relied on our gut.
My definition of impact is solidarity. It's not for a spotlight, a salary, or even to feel good: it's about being an ally, shifting your priorities away from yourself, and helping others who want your help, simply because you can.
I'm not sure how exactly I came up with this idea for a video, but I wanted to make something so I could remember the experience that went beyond just a photo album of pictures from my iPhone.
From my playing days when nothing short of requiring medical assistance was considered a concussion, to today when a seemingly mild knock to the head is and should be treated with an abundance of care, I have experienced different perspectives.
What Daniel Webster said two centuries ago about Dartmouth applies to my own alma mater. Colgate is "a small college. And yet, there are those who love it." I am one of them, but I am worried.
So for all the incoming students: if you want to make your respective colleges more welcoming and accepting places, treat each other, if not as friends, as classmates and peers. Fight for true equality and don't succumb to excuses to rationalize your disadvantages.
Let us take a hard look at the social environment we create that permits -- consciously or subconsciously -- assaults like the one on my campus last week to occur.
It's hard for Samantha Darche to keep a straight face. Every time she sees the camera, she cracks up. No matter what she does, she can't subpoena her solemn face.
Check out the top eight in the slideshow below: We weren't surprised to find a few California schools, but campuses in the
I think What Chinese Want is a broader book, perhaps a more ambitious one. I start with a fairly long chapter on the Chinese
Women in American Popular Comedy: That's right, SNL fans. Colby offers a course where you are encouraged to watch clips of Tina Fey proclaiming that she can see Russia from her house.
Colgate is the answer, not the problem. The paradox of our Upstate isolation -- which was the old knock on Colgate -- is now the saving essence of it. Colgate offers the opposite of a fragmented, distracted, virtual world.
While these strategic product "meet-and-greets" continue to grow in popularity, the notion that college students will offer
Last Tuesday, March 30, a Yale student committed suicide by jumping off the Empire State Building. Several weeks earlier
The Chinese worldview, not to mention its brandscape, is profoundly different from Western markets. Here are a few "golden rules" marketers must know before landing in the mainland.