This week will give people the opportunity to examine and reduce their ecological footprint by taking part in a short and intense period of conscious consumption supported by local and online communities.
The No Impact Project week's in full swing, and those of us who've signed on are taking a closer look at our carbon "foodprint." I asked Colin to tell us more about his adventure in ecological eating.
What's wrong with wanting to make a living speaking and writing about environmental issues? Colin Beavan's never claimed to be an expert, simply a layperson who wanted to enlighten himself and others.
The No Impact project asks you to rethink a particular area of your life each day, beginning today with consumption. Tomorrow, it's on to trash, then transportation, food, energy, water, and community involvement.
As poor health has become the norm in our society, I'd like to propose a more obscure source of salvation: Colin Beavan, aka "No Impact Man."