colin cowherd

As a public service, here's an edited transcript of Colin Cowherd's much ballyhooed (but not much watched) interview Monday with Donald Trump.
I know Cowherd's job is to attract listeners. And a good portion of his audience probably ate this up. But I cannot believe that the execs in Bristol aren't embarrassed by such an all out attack on logic, minimal standards of evidence and basic coherence.
Leslie Jones might have appreciated the comments of ESPN's Colin Cowherd in defense of Pete Carroll the day after the Super Bowl. He spoke movingly about the inability for anyone to be perfect at all times yet the ease and ability of so many others to expect it. He gave Carroll a pass.
There's really no excuse for Cowherd's ignorance about the reality of the labor organization actually supporting the players' petition for representation, since a five-second Google search would have cleared that up.
The image of a black quarterback calling the shots on a last-minute, game-winning TD drive is as alarming to a significant segment of the American populace as that of a Cambodian-American cowboy herding cattle on the prairie.
Should we as African-Americans be more upset at the racist stereotypes being "celebrated" at a college frat party or at the behavior of those like Antonio Cromartie which feed into them?